Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The face of cowardice


Anonymous said...

Apparently CTV is a big promoter, they are carrying this "story".

Anonymous said...

Actally cowards are the people sitting on there backsides here having others fight their battles.

I'm sure that if Harper or you think this is the fight for you the afghan army would be glad to take you and have your assess blown off by a roadside bomb!

kursk said...

While it is your right to comment on what you believe is wrong, anonymous, you are but another example of the smug Canadian who believes that what we have has ever been thus,and no need is therefore deemed necessary to protect it.

Somehow by burying your head in the sand, or being seen as isolationist, this will somehow guarantee your safety.

No one likes to die in a war, but this is just the start of a struggle that will determine your very way of life.

I would rather die on the sword, then meekly stretch my neck out for it..

le politico said...

glad to take you and have your assess blown off by a roadside bomb!

I'd gladly pay that price if called upon. Despite what you and Jack think, Freedom isn't free.

billg said...

That would be you as well Anon, because, we live in a Democracy, we put those brave men and women there anon, you and I, so, although its hard to take anyone seriously who talks about cowardice and goes by the name "anonymous", they are in Afghanastan fighting our battle for us, and because your Canadian, that means you too.

Greg said...

Jack may be many things, but a coward isn't one of them. In fact, the cowardly way would be for Jack to swallow his objections and just go along to avoid the bile of folks like you.

le politico said...

If Canada were to do what Jack wants, we would all be branded as cowards.

I guess that is ok with some people.

Sam said...

Thank God for heroes like Stephen Harper who have the courage to sit back in their big easy chairs and send young men and women off to do battle, risking life and limb to protect the Corporate Elite of this world. Though it's true Afghanistan has never threatened Canada in any way, and that the Middle East wars were built on a mountain of lies, some things are worth dying for. (in the words of a famous Canadian military leader)


Surely the country of Afghanistan still praises the strength and conviction of a man like Mr. Harper, even though his foreign policy is responsible for the death and injury of thousands of Afghans.

Certainly those who prosper tremendously from the arms sales and the opium trade must hold the likes of Harper and Bush in the highest esteem. After all, opium production has increased 80% since our countries invaded Afghanistan, and they can proudly proclaim to supplying 90% of the world's trade. That's got to be worth the $10-20 billion the Canadian taxpayer has contributed to the war effort.

Another round of applause too for Mr. Harper's expansion of NAFTA and free trade to help facilitate drug wars and the shipment of illegal goods. Okay, so free trade and globalization might be responsible for a couple thousand job losses in Canada. Hey, you can't win them all, right?

And as the ever so tolerant citizens the government has indoctrinated us to be, we must forgive Mr. Harper on such trivial matters as the $30 billion he stole from investors or the damning statement he made against all Canadians while speaking to an elitist crowd at The Council for National Policy when he remarked, "If you're like all Americans, you know almost nothing except for your own country… which makes you probably knowledgeable about one more country than most Canadians".

Then again.. maybe Harper was right!