Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The winner in the Conservative attack ads

The current reel of Conservative ads attacking Stephane Dion and his environmental record, his leadership (or lack of it), and his command of the English language, have provided some debate on whether they are effective, or backfiring.

Whether Canadians like it or not, attack ads are almost always effective. The 2004 election turnaround for the Liberals was almost entirely due to an effective attack ad on Stephen Harper.

These current ads have provided a clear victor as well. It isn't Dion. These ads are doing there job and are doing it well. It isn't the Conservatives, although they will realize benefits. The REAL winner is the runner-up in the Liberal leadership race, Michael Ignatieff.

In the ads he looks good, competant, and like a leader. His look after Dion's "that is unfair" whimper is priceless.

Ignatieff has also been the strongest Liberal performer in QP in the recent past.

I wonder how many Liberal Party delegates wish they could reconsider, then recast their final ballot choice at the leadership convention in Montreal?

It is likely they will have another chance to vote for a leader very soon.


Friday, January 26, 2007

Harper, Arar and the favour bazaar

This whole Arar on the US terrorist list, and the Conservatives getting all mad about the US not removing his name thing...I think it's contrived.

My guess is that Harper is doing this to look tough on the US, stealing that perennial election placard from the Liberals. The US will stand tough for a time, but will eventually cave against a strong onslaught from the Canadian government.

I'll bet Arar comes off the list 2-3 weeks before the next election call. A little thank you for Canada's assistance in Afghanistan.

Our participation in the asian country has made Canada a great friend to the United States, and provided Harper with an incredible amount of political capital down south.

In the end Arar will come off the list, Harper will get good pre-election press for picking a fight against the US and winning, and the US gets the help of an important ally in the struggle against the Taliban.

Getting results x3.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Scott Brison - Le Hot or Le Not?

Scott Brison has come out of his second leadership run smelling likes roses.

After failing to capture the Tory throne, then crossing and chasing but failing to catch the Liberal sceptre, many thought Scott was heading to the back benches.

His being named Industry critic in Dion's shadow cabinet was a bit of a surprised and speaks to Dion's high opinion of him.

Scott Brison, Le Hot or Le Not?

Surprisingly, Le Hot!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

A future leader's debate.

Stephen Harper: Mr. Dion, you had a chance to renew your party, to rid it of corruption, to show Canadians that the days of back room deals and brown envelopes stuffed with cash were over. But what did you do? As soon as you became leader, you let the Liberal party bag-men that Mr. Martin had kicked out of your party..kicked out of your party for life! let them right back in so they could go back to there devislish, unseemly, under-handed money raising ways. Shame on you sir, shame.


Off the Road

The CBC has quietly cancelled the show which was perhaps the living embodiment of its mandate..On the Road Again.

Host Wayne Rostad has spent the last twenty years traveling across rural Canada, sharing the stories of those outside of the major centres.

His show featured real Canadians doing real things. A prairie farmer that had built a submarine, inuit kids learning golf. Real Canadians.

The shows cancellation is due to the CBC's desire to chase a younger demographic. The one solidly owned by CTV, A-Channel, and Global.

In response to On the Road Again being cancelled, a CBC staffer said that if you are outside of a major centre and have a story to tell, unless its about an incurable disease, a natural disaster, or dirt on the are out of luck.

In choosing to air fake muslims in a fake Saskatchewan town over real Canadians with real stories, the CBC has gone far outside their mandate, and set the cruise control on the road to their own oblivion.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The gall of these Gauls

Would Dion have been as quick to rebuff the next potential leader of his other home country?

From: PMO [mailto:pm@PM.GC.CA]
Sent: January 22, 2007 6:04 PM
Subject: Statement

From the Prime Minister's Web Site (


January 22, 2007
Ottawa, Ontario

Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued the following statement in response to media reports of the reputed comments by French Presidential candidate Ségolène Royal:

"Experience teaches that it is highly inappropriate for a foreign leader to interfere in the democratic affairs of another country. We look forward to marking the 400th anniversary of the founding of Canada at Quebec City with the next President of France."

"We expect in turn that the next President will display an understanding of our shared history, and the respect for Canada and Canadians that such an important partnership requires."

Update: 24 hours later, nothing from Stephane Dion.


Monday, January 22, 2007

Profile on Stephane Dion

While this article is quite long, I am glad I read it to get some insight into Mr. Dion's character.

The first page of the article gives you the gist of the rest.

Profile: Stéphane DionWizard or wooden?

Last month, Stéphane Dion appeared almost out of nowhere to win the Liberal leadership. Some tout him as the country's next great prime minister while others dismiss him as cold, arrogant and inscrutable. Before making up their minds, Canadians really have to get to know the man. KONRAD YAKABUSKI reports.

If you find time to read the entire article, you may find this link of interest...