Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Off the Road

The CBC has quietly cancelled the show which was perhaps the living embodiment of its mandate..On the Road Again.

Host Wayne Rostad has spent the last twenty years traveling across rural Canada, sharing the stories of those outside of the major centres.

His show featured real Canadians doing real things. A prairie farmer that had built a submarine, inuit kids learning golf. Real Canadians.

The shows cancellation is due to the CBC's desire to chase a younger demographic. The one solidly owned by CTV, A-Channel, and Global.

In response to On the Road Again being cancelled, a CBC staffer said that if you are outside of a major centre and have a story to tell, unless its about an incurable disease, a natural disaster, or dirt on the are out of luck.

In choosing to air fake muslims in a fake Saskatchewan town over real Canadians with real stories, the CBC has gone far outside their mandate, and set the cruise control on the road to their own oblivion.


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