Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The winner in the Conservative attack ads

The current reel of Conservative ads attacking Stephane Dion and his environmental record, his leadership (or lack of it), and his command of the English language, have provided some debate on whether they are effective, or backfiring.

Whether Canadians like it or not, attack ads are almost always effective. The 2004 election turnaround for the Liberals was almost entirely due to an effective attack ad on Stephen Harper.

These current ads have provided a clear victor as well. It isn't Dion. These ads are doing there job and are doing it well. It isn't the Conservatives, although they will realize benefits. The REAL winner is the runner-up in the Liberal leadership race, Michael Ignatieff.

In the ads he looks good, competant, and like a leader. His look after Dion's "that is unfair" whimper is priceless.

Ignatieff has also been the strongest Liberal performer in QP in the recent past.

I wonder how many Liberal Party delegates wish they could reconsider, then recast their final ballot choice at the leadership convention in Montreal?

It is likely they will have another chance to vote for a leader very soon.


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