Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mike Duffy confirms it: CBC wrote questions for Liberal MPs on ethics committee

Mike Duffy has confirmed the statement made earlier in the day by one-time Liberal MP Jean Lapierre.

Apparently the CBC fed questions to be asked of Brian Mulroney to Liberal MPs on the ethics committee.

In attempting to deflect criticism, a Liberal researcher contacted Duffy to say that the CBC did not provide the questions, only suggestions on which the questions were based...thereby confirming that the CBC was involved in developing the questions.

Want to bet that the Liberals have one less researcher tomorrow?



Anonymous said...

Actually we are lucky it was the CBC since they are incompetent anyways. But it is an obvious conflict of interest - crown corp providing questions to government committee investagating former Prime Minister who just so happens to not be liked by the
CBC. If anything the CBC should have been neutral or not even involved but this is Canada and we all know what a scrub league outfit this country can be at times. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

Actually, Mike Duffy should be FIRED.

When Duffy was asking about it, Joe Comartin said that all journalist have questions they want answered including CTV - Duffy got sheepish then.

Anonymous said...

Gee, the CBC providing questions for the Liberals... is this a big shock.
The CBC is so one sided, I'm actually surprised the Liberals weren't wearing ear buds wired right into Peter Mansbridge's office.

Anonymous said...

How could it be that an employee of the TVA Group (Lapierre) complains about Liberal questioning of Mulroney at his Ethics committee appearance about his acceptance of envelopes of cash to sell tanks and he has no tax files or bank records?

Is it be a coincidence that Lapierre's employer is owned by Quebecor [chaired by none other than Mr. Mulroney] and owned by Pierre Karl Peladeau, ironically the 2 individuals the Liberals were accusing of inapropriate lobbying of the Harper government's wireless spectrum decision are Lapierre's bosses.

Ironic isn't it?

le politico said...

Ironic isn't it?

Ah, no. That has nothing to do with irony.

I see you subscribe to the Stephane Dion school of conspiracy theories.

Tootrusting said...

Whats the big deal Conservatives have been doing this for years as have the other parties?

"Other reporters say they've suggested questions for politicians in the past — for instance, when Conservatives were in opposition and grilling the Liberals during the sponsorship scandal."

Suddenly its not OK when the boot is on the other foot?

Anonymous said...

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