Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dion: What to do, what to do... I know, support a terrorist!

Reeling from an ignominious defeat in this weeks by-elections in Quebec, including the loss of Liberal redoubt Outremont, what has Stephane Dion planned to resurrect his fast plummeting leadership?

It's not what I would advise him to do, but Stephane Dion is going to be backing the effort to have Canadian-born terrorist Omar Khadr returned to Canada.

No joke.

Stephane Dion spent the day following the Quebec defeat riding a tractor in rural Ontario, where he has zero prospects of victory. Then follows that up the next day by coming to the defence of Canada's most notorious terrorist.

It begs the question, is the infamous Liberal mole running Stephane Dion's agenda!?



Toronto Crawler said...

Either he is truly a complete idiot, or there are advisors that are intentionally trying to sabotage him.

Clown Party of Canada said...

Probably the same people who advised him to bring back into the LIEberal Party those who caused much damage in the Ad-scam affair. If he keeps making mistakes like this new one how is that going to look from the point of view of Canadian voters? Just because Omar Khadr was born in Canada doesn't make him less of a terrorist and killer - especally when he had the opportunity to surrenser. He is geting three meals a day and clothing and shelter - what dos DEYawn want him to do here - set him free? Defenatly does not look good - but hey, if he is dumb ennough to follow through with this new plan, he deserves to loose.

BTW I love the picture - is it the new advertising for the next election? Can I get permision to use it? Please!