Saturday, September 15, 2007

Peter Mansbridge questions Stephane Dion's Afghan credibility

An oldy, but a goody.

Peter Mansbridge: When you look at other countries — the U.S., Britain, the Dutch who are facing a big vote, parliamentary delegations go a lot. Why have you personally not gone to Afghanistan?

Stephane Dion: I will do my best to go, Peter, but in all fairness, you cannot dispute that I did a lot since I am a leader in order to travel everywhere in Canada.

Mansbridge: This is the issue that you say is crucial and you want the government to take a particular stand, and yet you haven’t been there.

Dion: I will do my best to go there.

Mansbridge: All right, we’ll leave it at that.


Broadside starts at 1:13.


Anonymous said...

This guy wants to be our PM and he is too busy to go and see our troops in Afghanistan.

I suppose that Dion thinks that our PM Harper
isn't busy,because he goes and see our troop.
I mean he is only the
PM of this country.

How can any sane persons vote for this guy (Dion)I don't get it.

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Mutton Chops said...

Dion is such a tool.