Friday, November 30, 2007

Inquiring minds want to know

As of this posting it has been 85 days, 21 hours, 24 minutes, 22 seconds since Stephane Dion said he would be very pleased to visit Canadian troops in Afghanistan.

So, with his pending visit to Bali, which is right around the corner from Afghanistan, what better time for him to live up to his promise and visit the troops! Bali IS in the neighbourhood after all.

Dion's excuse for not visiting the troops to date has been that he is too busy at home in Canada with the responsibilities of an opposition leader; too busy to go half way around the world to visit the troops. Interesting then that he can immediately make time to go half way around the world to a conference on climate change.

So, is trashing Canada's reputation at a major international symposium more important than supporting Canadian troops overseas? I guess we're about to find out.

Mr. Speaker, there is zero chance of me visiting the Canadian troops in Afghanistan



Canada Goose said...

Well I guess he figures Denis Coderre was enough for the troops. Maybe he is still trying to figure out what to give as a unique gift, since the Vachon cakes were already given out by a Conservative (Maxime Bernier I think).

Let's see, too far to take poutine - how about copies of Chretien's memoirs?

John M Reynolds said...

7800 km is right around the corner?!? I can see going to the UK and saying that France is right around the corner. Seeing as how a 747 has a max cruise speed of around 800 km/h the 7800 flight would be 9.75 hours. Are you from Winnipeg and are used to huge blocks?

Perhaps he would be very pleased to visit the troops if someone else paid his way. Why should taxpayers foot his bill?

le politico said...

Perhaps he would be very pleased to visit the troops if someone else paid his way

So he will pay his own way to dine with climate nerds on the other side of the planet, but won't pay a dime to go talk to Canadian soldiers?

Got it. Interesting, but not surprising, mindset.

And check the likely flight path for his trip to Bali. Guess what country he will fly directly over? One clue, its starts with an A.

Anonymous said...

You know damn well why Dion won't go... they don't toss a mean vinegrette in Kabul!
(real conservative)