Saturday, October 4, 2008

Shout out to Bad Religion fans, help me finish my playlist!

I'm taking an election time out today (CPAC is becoming burned into my TV), and I'm updating my iPod with my Top-10 best songs by various bands. Not Top-9, or Top-11, always Top-10.

However, I'm having some difficulty with my Bad Religion collection..I'm at 9, and am at a loss as to what number 10 should be.

Any Bad Religion fans want to take some time out of their daily politicking and offer a suggestion? If I get two good song suggestions, I'm willing to drop a current selection..any songs on my list that don't deserve to be there?

Top 9 Bad Religion songs I have so far:
1. Broken
2. New Dark Ages
3. Infected
4. Honest Goodbye
5. Atomic Garden
6. Supersonic
7. Better off Dead
8. Social Suicide
9. Shades of Truth
10. ????????? -update - I want to conquer the world



Anonymous said...

cant help with bad religion. But I love the concept. My wife making me take a CPAC timeout to . She caught me yelling at Jack Layton on TV. I said I was sorry, but I'm still in trouble. Anyway I would like to see some of your other top ten lists for bands. I need something to do tonight (no cpac) and I like your updating IPOD idea.

Wes said...

How about 21st Century (Digital Boy)

Darren Fwick said...

American Jesus? No control?

Was never a big fan of Supersonic.

Funny that I don't think I had heard Broken before. It is good.