Saturday, October 18, 2008

Seperatist says wha?

“But certainly if Mr. Sarkozy was referring to sovereignty as a divisive project, that's not the case,” Ms. Marois said.

Separation seems pretty divisive to me.



Anonymous said...

But of course how Ms Marois of us separation, is not what you folks in Quebec are talking about. Why leave? all the good jobs would be gone, your precious arts would no longer be funded, your bloated "transfer payments" would stop all infrastructure would now be your problem. We the ROC built the Seaway. Your borders would be back to pre-confederation. Jolly eh? If Danny Williams had not been such a dick the chances are Harper would have had his majority without Quebec. A question from a man who can trace his ancestry back to the first man to plant crops in Quebec, " How does it feel to be irrelevant" You can only play this game for so long and I think the ROC is getting mighty sick of your posturing.
Cheers Bubba

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