Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dion added: "Many people told me I was great on radio."




Hishighness said...

Resign, immediately, you're an embarrassment to bloggers and more generally the human race.

Mark said...


great original thought.

Anonymous said...

"many people told me I was great on radio" as in I have nothing on but the radio, please Steffi go you are embarassing "koyto" your dog just leave go to France and write books or grow flowers or whatever it is the "elite" does piss off.
cheers Bubba

Conservative voter said...

Stay Stephie Stay!!!!

Concerned Conservative Voter

le politico said...

At least I can spell. lol. You need to spell check your blog, dude. Wow.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Conservative voter, stay
Stephane, you're CPC best friend.

Anonymous said...

I am not a Canadian, but I for one did not think he sounded good on radio. Living outside the country, I could not watch it on TV and it is just as well. If you guys elect Mr. Dion as your PM, that is your business, but you will look like buffoons and I will not visit your country.

Keep Dion said...

Please, pretty please keep Dion as leader.

After all he is the spokesperson of this group and he will have the honor of debating the evil Harper one on one - the other leaders are not worthy since Dion is the leader - he IS their spokes person.

Tell those defecting Liberals that they are making a big mitake. They are nothing but trators when the Party needs everybody to support the cause of defeating Harper.

The rebuttle video was fantastic - the message was exactly what the voters wanted to see and hear.

Keep Dion as poster Liberal - so the grassroots will be inspired to donate their hard earned money to the Liberal Party. This is the majour support base of the party - the money from the voters are a pittance compaired to what the grass roots will give. It is only $1.95 per vote from them - Liberals will get $100's from each grassroot member.

Dion amd Ray are the only ones worthy to lead the Liberals out of this with millions waiting to vote Liberal to save Canada from Harper. Too bad he said he will resign after leadership convention.

Dion's days are just starting, before the budget is passed in Jan. The membership will be so great that the presses can not keep up with printing Liberal Membership cards.

Come Jan. so many voters will leave the Conservatives that they will be bankrupt and no grassroot support. It is now within the Liberal grasp to decimate the Conservatives and their evil leader Harper!!

Do not falter, Dion WILL lead the Liberals to the greatest victory that Trudeau will be proud of the Liberals. This coalition is the best unifying thing that has happened to Canada and it will set the example for generations to come.