Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ontarians won't vote Liberal twice in one election cycle

The Dalton McGuinty win in the Ontario provincial election is the final nail in the coffin of the Stephane Dion led federal Liberal Party.

John Tory lost solely due to his gaffe on Faith Based Funding for schools. Also known as the far less menacing, Inclusive Education Funding. As I've stated before, it was a dumb idea, voted in by a short sighted membership, and inadequately sold by an earnest but ultimately ineffective leader.

But with the provincial Liberal record of lies and broken promises, my guess is that thousands of Ontarians feel a little bitter about having to vote for Dalton. But they will have a chance to get back at the Liberal brand; at Dion's expense.

Dalton got electorally lucky. Now Stephane is now in for an electoral bruising.



Nicol DuMoulin said...

Stephane Dion could be caught fornicating with a chimpanzee while on his way to clown rodeo taking place in a nudist colony for clowns that fornicate with chimpanzees and Ontario would vote for him en masse.

Harper, I suspect, has long written off Ontario and will focus on Quebec, as he should. Ontario is the new Alberta. Totally out of sync, totally out of touch.

le politico said...

It would seems to me that as the only debt free province with exponential economic and cultural growth, that Alberta should be emulated not disparaged as being out of touch.

Frankly, that sounds like typical out-of-touch with the rest of Canada, downtown Toronto speaking points.

I am more and more impressed with Alberta every time I visit and think more attention should be paid to the fantastic happenings in Canada's new heartland.


Tym_Machine said...

So while it is absolutely true that Quebec seems to have more than it's fair share of Canada screwers (hey how of good faith is a province where at least 30% still want to separate unilaterally from a great country such as Canada at least if it would be to go with the USA, one could agree but standing alone on our own and relying on an anglicised France to defend us...pathetic), one could point out that the dangers Canada is facing are not coming this time from hardcore Quebec separatists as I will try to show you next. Nonetheless, Alberta seems to be the province that has the less Canada screwers (they all voted conservatives at last election :)).

How deceptive is it from Ontario to score 47% in a poll for the federal Liberals led by Stéphane Dion (my last editorial on my blog convers this issue) and the worst is if it was let's say the incompetent fils a papa Justin Trudeau that gave a poignant speech at the funerals of his father but that's all, it would be EVEN HIGHER.

Wasn't it enough for people who wanted to pay less taxes and have less government and went to Ontario for that just like Mr. Howard Galganov that Ontario desperately wants to become as socialistic as Quebec? Will they have to have another exodus (which has already begun just by noticing that big shot companies moved their headquarters from Toronto to Calgary in less than no time in the past 5 years) this time not from Montreal to Toronto but from Toronto to Calgary?

It seems that Ontario can never get enough of Quebec liberal leaders since the Trudeaumania, Jean Chrétien got 100 seats out of 104 in 1993 and now Stéphane Dion would get around 80 seats out of 104.

What is so wrong in Ontario to want to have less taxes, less governments, more individual rights, more freedoms and more entrepreneurship VS what Stéphane Dion promises: to raise even more taxes, to bring back GST to 7%, to spend tons of our hard earned money on inefficient social programs somehow designed at reducing poverty but will do just the opposite?

Besides, in French we say: Qui se tait consent? or who shuts up agrees and suscribe. Therefore, it seems that almost half of the population of Ontario agrees with Dion when he says that law 101 was a great Canadian law in Québec.

Has English Ontarians gone mad or what? Do they need some ethnic nationalism to wake them up or what (I'm far away from suggesting that, I'm exagerating that's all).

Anyhow, someone will have to somehow explain to Ontarians that they really don't want the mess we got here in Quebec and loose it's reputation of being the heartland of Canada. Perhaps the National Post could educate the people of Ontario on how being a good social conservative citizen is the way of common sense while the other leftist liberal ways will lead Ontario’s economy to oblivions.


Tym Machine