Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Stephane Dion can't find a right hand man..or woman..for Quebec

After the disastrous by-elections in Quebec last month, Stephane Dion followed the rantings of the pro-Ignatieff lobby and declared Denis Coderre would be replacing Marcel Proulx as his Quebec lieutenant.

Once Proulx heard that he was to be replaced with Denis Coderre, he quickly resigned.

Then Coderre flip-flopped on his acceptance of the position, and declined to take the post.

Then Dion approached Celine Herveux-Payette, who quickly said no.

Now Montreal area MP Pablo Rodriguez has also declined to take Stephane up on his offer.

So after all their squealing, the pro-Iggy cadre now want no part of Dion's organizing efforts in Quebec. So who does that leave to guide the Liberal Party in Quebec? Well, it leaves Marcel Proulx, who Dion apparently approached and offered a second chance at the job. Proulx politely told Dion where to shove his offer.

The question now is: Who the heck is going to end up in the position of the Liberal Party's Quebec Lieutenant? Are they going to be able to turn anything around? Not likely.

Has Stephane Dion tried asking Jason Cherniak? He is looking for a new job and is up for a challenge.

update: Celine has come back and said yes! Praise be.

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