Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dion rejects national security in display of insecurity

Shame. A real shame.

Stephane Dion today sold out his country in an attempt to boost his profile as a leader.

By whipping the Liberal caucus into voting against the extension of Canada's anti-terror provisions, Dion has chosen partisan politics over good governance.

Despite a chorus of senior Liberals, police officials, and national security analysts echoing Conservative claims that these provisions are necessary to combat terrorism in the 21st century, Dion stuck to his empty guns and forced his party into making a misguided choice.

If not, as Dion claims, to protect Liberal MP N. Bains' father from testifying at the Air India inquiry, then the only legitimate reason is to oppose for the sake of opposing. Despite what Dion thinks, that is not true leadership.

For the Liberals to applaud their "leader" after the defeat of the provisions, was a sad display, on a sad day for Canada.

We need an election to rid the country of this weakness in our national Parliament.

Truly an embarassing day for Canada.



Quebec Liberal said...

Let's see if the government is partisan. Time for the Government to propose new legislation.

le politico said...

And I'm sure they will. Why not give Dion another chance to prove he is soft on terror?

Or, if Dion supports the new legislation, that he has no coherent direction.

How does Dion get himself into these situations? It's uncanny.


wilson61 said...

'How does Dion get himself into these situations? It's uncanny.'

What we are witnessing is the third choice from the B Team doing his best to perform as leader.
He does not have what it takes, it's not in him to lead.
He's a groupie. He's a leftie.
He's just given Canadians a clear choice between two ideologies: moderate Conservative, or, one of the look-a-like four opposition leftie parties.

Is Dion seducing Dippers, Ethnics and Greens into taking over the Liberal party as a way to get his majority?
Will real Liberals dump Dion before he re-brands the LPC 'hard left'?

The next election is going be 'if you vote left, so do we (LPC), the only party that can stop the evil Harper Conservatives is the Liberal party'