Friday, February 9, 2007

Jack, you're out of whack

So with Jack Layton's NDP almost a full four points behind their election night performance in the latest Leger poll, what does Jack do to try and build momentum?

He announces an initiative to bridge the prosperity gap and share the country's wealth with the poor. Ummm..isn't that preaching to the converted Jack?

Or maybe Jack's plan is to bring over to the NDP the 0.1 percent of Canadians that voted for the Marxist-Leninists in the last election.

Jack currently has been given a huge gift in a Liberal Party with a weak and ineffective leader at its head. The Liberals aren't stupid and they won't let it last too long. Iggy's folks are already organizing.

But while Dion IS Liberal leader, the NDP have to move quickly to seize leadership of the left wing, but not completely nuts, vote. That means moderation in the NDP policy platform.

Jack has a month, maybe two, to cast the NDP as a left of centre alternative to the Liberals. If successful, the NDP can approach, and maybe pass, the 50 seat mark. Dion is that weak.

If not, Jack, the NDP and their new-pseudo marxist agenda is doomed to irrelevance.


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