Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Dion stumbles again while Harper clears the air

Stephen Harper today had a major speech in which he outlined the Conservative Party's plan to put caps on industrial pollution, because Canadians demand it.

Stephane Dion today had a major press conference to announce that troublesome Tory cast-off Garth "me, me, me" Turner, was joining the Liberal caucus, because Garth demanded it.

Is it just me, or has everyone seriously overestimated Dion's political instincts?

Harper is grabbing the environmental reins, while Dion invites distraction into his caucus.

Dion's honeymoon period is over, and conspiratorial whispers are growing in volume in Liberal backrooms.

Perhaps this explains the boatload of Ignatieff organizers seen dining together recently in Ottawa..

I've heard that Dion does not like to be told he is doing things wrong, so no one in his circle does. But if his supporters want him to survive, they had better pull his head out of the sand, because there is a Mack truck called election coming, and it is right around the corner.


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