Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Stephane Dion, master political strategist? No.

Conservative french language ads currently playing in Quebec are designed to play on the weak image of Dion in the province.

Your average political strategist would say that, when faced with attack ads, ignore, take the high road, talk about your plans, talk about your ideas, talk about your strengths.

So, in a campaign type swing through a Toronto day care, what is Dion talking about? National daycare, child health care, waiting times for child surgeries? No, he's talking about the Conservative ads!

Even worse, he is talking about how they are unfair, playing into a theme introduced by the English language Conservative ads.

So instead of focusing on Liberal Party ideas and plans, Dion is giving the ads MORE free press, and keeping them in the news cycle even longer.

Free word of advice Mr. Dion. Shut up about the ads already! And hire new communications people.


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Brian Lemon said...

I could go back to the old "He says your fat, you say he's bald" theory, but I agree.
My reading is that it's Stephane on the fly - that he is not listening to anyone. There's no way the lib strategists would advise him to do what hes doing.