Friday, June 8, 2007

Aibus barking up a catless tree

In an attempt to bypass the Department of Defence, Airbus is soliciting MPs directly trying to reopen the bid for transport aircraft for the Canadian military.

Airbus is talking about fairness in the procurement process, and how the sole sourcing is undemocratic. Nice sentiment, but it's not going to change any minds.

The fact is, the Airbus A-400 has yet to be built. No Air Force in the world has them in their fleet.

Canada is buying 16 C-130J Hercules, because they are reliable, available, and serving in dozens of militaries all over the world.

Advice to Airbus. Forget what's fair, and open and transparent.

You want Canada to buy your airplane? Then give us 25 A-400s for the price of 16 hercs, and the first 8 off the assembly line.

Anything less and your chances are less than zero.



Anonymous said...

Airburst is sooooo stuck on stupid it is beyond imagination.

Lets' see, you buy 8 A400 planes instead of 16 of the competitors and you will save a bucket of money.

Hmmmmm 8 vs 16.

Go figure.

With that logic, we could keep the old Hercs like they say and buy a more C17's - a real proven plane.

And as for the Airbus promise the planes will be delivered on time, they said the same thing about the A380 "Flying Baguette" and it is over two years late and STILL not in service.

Some promise

Mac said...

Your link is defunct...