Thursday, June 14, 2007

The daily "Who gives a crap?"

I'm an urban voter, and hell, I'll go so far as to admit that I voted Liberal provincially in the last election. Urban/rural, doesn't matter, all we want to do is to elect someone that is going to represent our interests.

Which leads me to this Randy Hillier that Warren Kinsella has such a hate on for...and I don't get it. Is Hillier outspoken? Sure. Does he speak for me? No. But does he represent the views of some of the people in the area in which he lives. You bet.

I know that rural and urban folks have different priorities, even different outlooks on life. But Hillier does speak for a large number of people from his area, and he is likely to get elected to represent them. It's democracy, and it's the way things should work.

Warren's a known political operative, a "pit-bull" even, but I don't think his attempt to change the channel from McGuinty raising taxes, by trying to silence/ridicule/demonize a rural voice, is going to work. It might have in the 90's, but people have seen this before with Harper and his scary secret agenda. Voters have been there, seen that, not scary.

Kinsella's ravings about Randy Hillier won't make me vote against John Tory. No sir. But Dalton McGuinty's bold faced lie about not raising taxes, then raising taxes, guarantees I won't be voting Liberal this fall.

Urban voters aren't so dumb as to think that some outspoken fella from out on the farm running for the Tories is going to mess with their way of life. It's just not going to happen. People, especially those in Ontario, are open to others having different views than their own. It's what makes this most multi-cultural of provinces work so well.

And the story here of Warren attempting to pit rural citizens against urban ones, well that just ain't cool man.

I genuinely believed that McGuinty was going to get re-elected, now I'm not so sure. I sense a bit of fear and desperation in the Liberal camp with this whole Hillier schtick.

It's almost as if whoever advised McGuinty to raise taxes is starting to feel the heat.



Anonymous said...

I live in rural Ontario near that region - no we don't think like that idiot. Give your head a shake.

They couldn't get anyone else to run as a Conservative there and even had to put an ad in the paper.

le politico said...

1. I guess that's why the Landowners Association has no members...right?

2. That was Kingston, not Hillier's riding. Which leads me to believe, shockingly, that you are talking out of your arse.


Don Jenkins said...

You mean talking out of his anonymous arse. ha, ha.

I'll be a voting for Randy. Good to see someone argue our view.

Anonymous said...

WK has not yet figured out that this will be a provincial campaign. Its easy to make the connection between VRWC and outspoken candidate when that candidate is running in another province. The problem is that Warren is unknowingly slandering anyone considering voting conservative in the same province. In other words he's saying any and all that have conservative views are not to be trusted...and that would include blue liberals.
So here's a piece of advice for the guy that uses libel chill whenever he gets in a pickle.
If you think that by identifying folks that want property rights recognized as part of some evil conspiracy you may want to advise Dalton to not do any campaigning in and around places where the "natives' are restless like Caledonia.

Anonymous said...

I hope Warren Kinsella did talk like that to the nice guy from Toronto Life because he comes across as an arrogant a*s and I'd like to see that reflected in the article.