Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Will Denis Coderre show his support for Canadian troops?

We know that Denis Coderre likes parades. In fact, just last summer he marched in a parade that called for Israel to stop its war against the terrorist organization Hezbollah.

But will the aptly named Liberal defence critic attend a parade of Quebec's finest when the Vandoos Regiment parades in Quebec city on Friday before shipping out to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban terrorists?

Even if Coderre does attend, which side of the
line will he stand on?



Anonymous said...

Why don't you support our schools!?! Why don't you support our scientists, or our astronauts, or our policemen, or our firemen, or our mailmen, or our road crews!!!!????? Why do you hate research, space science, public safety, emergency services, the postal system and infrastructure?!!!??? If you don't support them, then you don't support their MISSION!!!! Why do you hate Canada?!????

kursk said...

Anonymous, you present a specious arguement, considering that a lack of support of the postal service will not get you killed in a far away land, nor will avowed lack of support of our firemen lead to them rising up and killing our troops because of the results that can gain them at home.

If you feel that a lack of support does not affect the mission, please continue to live in your delerium..the problem is, Coderre has shown that he is in fact a terrorist sympathiser by his actions and words..he has shown he is a buffoon of the highest order, as well as a traitor to his country..

shame on him.

le politico said...

I like Canada very much thank you. So much so that I'm willing to support those go overseas to defend our way of life.

And whether you like it or not, they are defending you anon, and Denis Coderre too, while you sleep, and they do so asking nothing in return.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments, jackasses. I'm in the Candadian Forces, just so you know...and I personally find it all mindless and ridiculous. It makes soldiers look more important than the millions of others that distinguish our country.

Can you even name a Canadian astronaut? I'll bet you can name a Canadian General, though. How can you claim to support our astronauts (or anyone else for that matter)? You don't advocate funding for them or buy t-shirts for them, do you? This country is made of millions of people, all of whom are required and most of whom are ignored.

I wish our space program had the money that our military gets. Our reputation in space is being squandered right now. And btw: I also work in the space industry, so I'd rather not spend hours going over all the ways Canada has contributed and can contribute to space science - particularly since most of our engineers and scientists end up moving stateside.

kursk said...

Anonymous..i call bullshit..if you are in the forces, than you should be appreciative of the efforts made on your behalf.

If you are in the forces, i'll wager that you are a DND REMF who has a self loathing caused by being associated with anything to do with the military, lest it interfere with your true pursuit of the "pure sciences"

I was in the CAF for twenty nine years, (RCD) and support all the boys who have to do the dirty work so that you can have an assinine opinion.

You don't like it?
Get out.

le politico said...

I'm in the Candadian Forces, just so you know, said the idiot anonymous troll.

I also work in the space industry, the anonymous idiot added.

Any chance you're the King of France as well? Grand Duke of Austria maybe?

Kingston said...

I got you back on this one Le politico and I am in the Forces, I will tell you for a fact that banners we receive in KAF are greatly appreciated and the massive support we get from the majority of Canadians is like wise great appreciated and as a matter of fact extremely humbling.If as the previous poster stated he is in the Forces and dealing with the Space Agencies then I would have to assume he is a bitter Air Force member who has never done a serious and dangerous hard ship tour and is jealous of the attention being paid to the soldiers, airmen, air women and sailors that are deployed as we speak.

Anonymous said...

The politics of this is quite comical on both sides. Coderre acts like this is the first time that anyone in opposition was ever rejected (or not given permission) to accompany the government on a fact finding mission in Afghanistan. Give me a break. His government back in 2001 did not give permission to Cheryl Gallant to accompany a group of MPs to Afghanistan.

On the flip side, this is not the first time an oppostion member (or members) have gone to Afghanistan post 911 without the permission of parliament. In 2001, a group of MPs sponsored by Samaritan’s Purse entered the hot zone to see how the humanitarian effort was fairing firsthand (Operation Christmas Child boxes). Monte Solberg was part of that delegation along with Art Hanger.