Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Atlantic Accord battle all blow, no show..

It seems, conveniently, that the "fight" may be over.

I have been of the opinion for quite some time now that this whole Atlantic Accord Affair is a political set-up. And the entire, Danny "Apoplectic" Williams, Rodney "Fight or Die" MacDonald, and Bill "Martyr to the Cause" Casey, crew are in on it.

Let's face it, if a new deal has been signed and there is federal/provincial peace. All sides are going to come out ok.

Peter MacKay and Gerard Keddy will have won the "let's work for Nova Scotia from within the Conservative Party" vote, and Bill Casey has wrapped up the Nova Scotia nationalist vote. Should it be successful, watch for the same thing to happen in NFLD.

By being the provincial strong man, standing up to Ottawa, both Williams, and now MacDonald, have locked up provincial Conservative majority legislatures in their next election.

And by "giving in" and making a new deal, there will be lots of love and votes directed to federal Conservatives in the next federal election.

What we are witnessing is political strategy at its finest. Sink low..then rise above.

Now I think this whole thing is a set up, and I believe Bill Casey will be re-admitted to caucus in a big show of party solidarity.

Even if, somehow, none of this is a brilliant political construct from the depths of the strategic mind of Stephen Harper, Casey should still be let back into the Conservative caucus. He's a Conservative lifer, and a classy guy, and deserves to be given a free pass.


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Dave K. said...

Don't bet on a deal with Billions. The Macdonald & Calvert--very probably, and soon.