Monday, June 4, 2007

Take advice from Scotty Reid? No thanks.

Stephane Dion is a weak, ineffectual leader. So it stands to reason that Scotty "Beer and Popcorn" Reid might be able to weasel his way into Dion's confidence.

Scotty is in fine form today in the Star, telling Dion to pull the rug from under the Conservaitves in the fall and trigger a general election.

Lets hope Dion's smarts are able to make up for his lack of leadership, and he keeps the requisite ten-foot pole between himself and any of Scotty's sage advice.

Because let's face it, with Dion skidding along the bottom in personal support numbers, including a distant 4th place finish in his home province of Quebec (behind Jack Layton even!), unless Harper is found in a closet with hookers and hamsters over the summer, the fall is not the time for Dion to try and go to the polls.

I think this advice has more to do with the Scott Reid wanting to get rid of Dion, so the horse he backs (Ignatieff?) can become leader, than it does wanting to see Dion succeed.

Scotty obviously does not have Dion's best interests at heart.

Remember that banning people from the Liberal Party for life that Scotty and his crew introduced? Well maybe Dion should look into reviving that.

With advisors like Scotty, who needs enemies?



Joan Tintor said...

How these Martinites got such a reputation for political brilliance I don't understand, other than they never stopped running for leader after the last time.

In the words of Tom Long: you do your strategy, you don't say your strategy.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

you do your strategy, you don't say your strategy.

Exactly. It's so bizarre, that you wonder if it isn't a smoke screen for some other agenda? A kind of bluff.

Nah, too complex for Scotty.