Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Election signs or electoral gold mines?

I'm not planning on being a political candidate for any national party. Not yet anyway. But if I do run (or you want to) here's a great way to gain attention and votes.

In any federal election, when you drive through a business district, you inevitably see signs for: this, that, or the other candidate. In some shops you'll see signs for three or more local candidates.

A store that will put your sign in the window is a valuable asset. But they also hold a hidden treasure you can use to your benefit...their inventory or services.

As a local candidate for federal office, I would assign a member of my campaign team to enter into free advertising arrangements with local stores. And rather than hand out a boring old one page folded photographed brochure, I would spend a little bit more and develop high quality glossy handouts that included rebate and discount coupons for these local merchants.

It could include:

Factual information on yourself, your ideas, your convictions..not to mention some great pictures of you connecting with constituents.
A coupon for 2 for 1 meals a local eaterie.
Discounts for family haircuts.
1/2 off your next Oil Change.
10% off your purchase at a clothing store.
Free vacuum with any car wash.
A map indicating the establishments that have provided end of possibilities.

This way you are providing information on you, and your party's platform in a professional package, and that good aura will rub off on you. At the same time you are providing proof positive of your commitment to serve the community. You've already delivered money saving discounts constituents just by running, imagine what you could do if you were elected!

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Here's the caveat. I'm not sure this practice would be in line with Canada's election laws. If someone is more familiar with the Election Act than I, please enlighten me.

At the same time, you are not accepting donations from these merchants. You are merely allowing them to offer great discounts to the individuals that receive your campaign literature. And recipients do not have to promise to vote for you to use the coupon, they are available for use by anyone.

If this thoughtful act reflects positively on you that is fantastic marketing, last I check fantastic marketing is not mentioned in the Elections Act.


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Darren Trent said...

Great idea, and a great pic!