Friday, March 2, 2007

Sorry, Stephane, but you are the scary one now

Liberal leader Stephane Dion is taking another step towards the cliff of irrelevancy today, with a new attack on the Harper government.

Now that Dion has lost the environment as his go-to issue, been labelled soft on terror, and declared devoid of leadership, what issue is he going to try to beat the Conservative's over the head with?

He is going to tell Canadians that Stephen Harper is scary.


Last I checked it was the Stephane Dion Liberals that declared their intention to cut the oil sands off at the knees, silencing Canada's economic engine. It is the Liberals who declare they want to meet Kyoto by any means possible, even if that costs thousand and thousands of Canadians their jobs, at a cost to the economy of $100+ Billion dollars. It is the Liberals that did away with preventative arrests, leaving a situation where terrorists may only be apprehended AFTER they launch a terrorist attack. And it is the Liberals who want to cut and run from a vulnerable Afghanistan, embarrassing Canada, and leaving an important part of the world at the mercy of the Taliban extremists.

Further research leads me to the Conservative’s tax credit for children's sports. The cutting of immigrant landing fees. $100/month in the pockets of every Canadian parent. A renewed sense of pride in Canada's armed forces. More weight and respect behind Canada's name in the international community. An apology for the Chinese head tax after years of Liberal excuses. Compensation for Hepatitis C sufferers after years of Liberal excuses. Finally signing a residential schools agreement after years of Liberal excuses.

So who should Canadians fear?

I'm far more afraid of Stephane than I am of Stephen.



Erik Sorenson said...

Well said. Succinctly.

Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you more!! I'm amazed at the level of contempt that Liberals hold the Canadian people in, in that they honestly believe people won't see through this BS and how stupid they really think we must all todays pronouncements by Dion about a carbon tax. I say..go ahead "MAKE OUR DAY!!!" I guarantee you that it won't stop there..not for Albertans anyway. I enjoy watching the liberals freak out every day in quetion these guys need to look at themselves as we see them on TV. it's incredibly entertaining to watch them WRITHING in indignation and rage over absolutely EVERYTHING!!!!
It wouldn't matter what Harper stated, they'd be doing the absolute opposite, just for the sake of trying to make Harper look bad. I figure we only need to sit back and watch the Liberals hang themselves over and over again. It's a totally delicious passtime for me anyway..

Anonymous said...

We should all be scared of Staphane Dion. He is determined to use Kyoto to kill our economy with his socialist policies

Anonymous said...

Who is Jason Cherniak exactly? I used to frequent his blog, but lately it's like swimming in a pool with drowning guppies. Is he actually anyone the Liberals use because I'm thinking that Mr. Dion's no further ahead with dat guy. Reading Cherniak's bio. I notice dat e has a same birtday, and is a sheep like Mr. Dion. BAA, BAA, BAA

Anonymous said...

you don't know what you speak about