Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Veteran Liberal MP enticed to cross floor

73-year-old MP and former Liberal cabinet minister Joe Comuzzi said he will vote against the Liberal Party and with the government if he determines that some of that new money ends up funding a Thunder Bay cancer institute.

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion refused to entertain the possibility of a caucus member siding with the government, telling reporters "all of us will vote against this budget. We will."

Even if there wasn't already money for this Thunder Bay cancer facility before, you can bet the Conservatives will make sure there is tomorrow. Now that is how you deliver results for your community.

(Update: Joe Comuzzi has been kicked out of the Liberal caucus)



Read it? No thanks, I saw the movie.

Liberal debate strategists had better start thinking up an answer for this:

"The leader of the Opposition doesn't single out for criticism any single initiative in this budget," Stephen Harper said. "But he's going to vote against every single one of them because he already made up his mind before he read it, and that's something he'll have to explain in the next election."

I can't imagine why Liberal strategists couldn't pick even one item in the budget to focus their attacks on. Dion called the budget a shotgun budget, and he provided a shotgun critique. And in the end, no one will remember any of the reasons Dion expressed for opposing the budget.

What people will remember is:

We made a choice,” Mr. Flaherty said. “We chose to support hard-working families.”



Hugh MacIntyre said...

I am a reasonably knowledgeable person and when I heard Dion speek I had no idea what the hell he was talking about. If you read today's globe you will see that some journalists were as confused as i was. Also why does the man always seem like he's whining? Is it the Parisian accent?

Anonymous said...

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