Sunday, March 11, 2007

I'm on to you, Harper...

I noticed recently that the funding for Status of Women, previously cut by the Tories, has been re-pledged.

It was one of a large number of cuts to federal programs, ones the Conservatives thought provided minimal value, which took place immediately after they took power. And it was one of the few cuts that persisted in coming up during interviews, media stories, and Question Period.

This episode might provide an interesting window into how Stephen Harper operates:

  1. Cut the funding for dozens of "questionable" federal programs.

  2. Wait for voter reaction.

  3. Re-fund only those few programs that actually garner public outcry.

  4. Net result: Less program spending, more room in the budget, minimal political impact.

The Tories did the same thing with the environment, and now are seen as being as environmentally friendly as Stephane Dion.
Nice technique.



Shannon said...

The $5 million "new funding to go to programs for the Status of Women" is not a NEW announcement at all. Months ago Bev Oda announced that the savings from closing 12 of the 16 SOW offices and setting up enhanced internet access would free up $5 million which would then be re-allocated to programs that affect women in the community.
It is the same $15 million budget they had in 2006 - just re-distributed from rent and salaries to the community.
Why is this being treated like a new announcement?

hunter said...

No new funding only stopping lobbyists from getting the money so that real women who actually benefit from the funding get some money.

The poor activists don't know how to fund raise, they are so used to sucking on the government teat. Anyone can write a report about how disadvantaged women are, but to send real money to communities, well I guess the activists don't want that to happen, it means less money for the latte crowd, boo hoo!

odie441 said...

I have to agree with Shannon. This is NOT new money, just a re-allocation of the original 15 million dollars. Why the press is treating this like a new commitment is anybodies guess. I personally feel that it is there way of trying to make Harper look like a back peddeler. Obviously some people bit it hook line and sinker!