Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Here come the floor crossings..

I have it on good authority that several Liberal MPs are considering crossing the floor, en masse, to the Conservatives.

Yes, it seems to be moderately based on
this sort of speculation, but it has less to do with the budget than the left wing extremist track the Liberal Party has taken of late.

My proof? I have none. Need some hints? Look at certain aspects of the budget and think, now that doesn't seem like a Conservative item...who on the other side of the floor would want that in the budget?

I'm just jotting this down so when it happens, I can say, "I told you so!"

And don't worry my friends, none of the potential floor crossers have the initials G.T.



Platty said...

That's good, 'cause he'd get chopped down at the knees before he made it across.

On second thought, come on over Garth...

Hugh MacIntyre said...

Do we really want this? I understand that you have to build a coalition to govern but having 5 more members of the Conservative caucus that support the CBC cannot be a good thing.

le politico said...

True, but hopefully the depth of support of the CBC issue can be sorted out.

The CBC isn't going anywhere though...too big a political minefield. Not even with a majority would Harper fiddle too drastically with it.