Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Look out! It's the attack of the Liberal Mole!

Your favourite Liberal booster and mine, Jason Cherniak, is calling for the head of the Liberal Mole.

Sorry, but there is no one person "leaking" info out of the Liberal Party in Ottawa. To believe in that conspiracy theory is just silly.

If information leaks out, it is due to the inherent nature of Liberal staffers in Ottawa. If someone in a Liberal MPs office knows something, especially something secret, they can't wait to tell or show someone else.

The "Liberal Mole" in the last election, the one that told the Tories in advance what policy planks the Liberals would be announcing? Well, invariably in Ottawa, the loudest talkers in the room are Liberal staffers. All the Tories had to do was go into a Starbucks or a bar during the last election and listen.

I don't know why they are so boistrous, but my guess is that as many Liberal staffers come from privileged backgrounds, they want to prove how important they are by (loudly) disclosing what they know, regardess of their surroundings.

I'd like to say the same about the Tories, and I'm sure some of them come from well-to-do families as well, but Tory strategy doesn't seem to leak out in Ottawa like Liberal info does. And I never see Tory staffers belly up to the bar and go on and on about working on this or that file, policy, or strategy. Not loudly anyway, so it can only be a culture thing.

So there is no mole. All someone needs to do is tell Liberal staffers to drink less, keep their voices down, and don't forget their blackberries on the bar.

(Let me add that I know quite a few Liberal staffers personally, and they do not match the description above. But the staffers for Toronto and Montreal Liberal MPs...)



Clown Party of Canada said...

I think that having as mole in any political party is a very low blow.

Though I have little respect for the way the LIEberals are/have presented themselves the mole is the lowest on the totempole. I admire anybody for standing up for their party, but to have a Brutus [sp?] among them is very bad for the party.

And if there is no mole, as you suggest, then it might be a good idea to follow some of the staff and listen to who is the loudest and perhaps that person should be more careful. I seem to recall a saying during WW II. "lose lips sink ships." Perhaps a sign should be placed over the doors as one exits: "What happens here stays here" or something simular.

Alberta Girl said...

"but Tory strategy doesn't seem to leak out in Ottawa like Liberal info does"

And hence the MSM's frustration and their insistance that the PM tightly "controls" his MP's, when in reality they don't know how to actually go out and "get" a story or an interview without a "leak" from one of the loose lipped Liberals.

KPK said...

How do we know the Liberal "mole" isn't really a Tory "spy"?

le politico said...

kpk...Wouldn't that be the same thing?


KPK said...

Not necessarily. The mole could be a New Democrat, a disenfranchised Liberal or just someone with a big mouth.

KPK said...

And ..No not Garth Turner..

Chuckercanuck said...

I think you have it 100%. No mole. Just loud, arrogant people showing off their importance. Plus a liberal use of booze (the only likeable thing about these folks).

le politico said...

liberal use of booze

Good one! :)