Thursday, March 8, 2007

Stephane Dion promises to raise taxes

Now if you were the leader of a major political party in Canada, and you had already been branded weak on leadership, soft on terror, and had the one issue you "owned" (the environment) stolen from you...what would you say in a major Ottawa speech? A major speech that the Press Gallery was calling your one chance to recapture the agenda from Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.

Do or die time, what would you say?

Would you tell Canadians that you plan to raise their taxes?

Well that is what Stephane Dion has done. No, I'm not making this up. I am allowed to make stuff up, but here I am not. Who brought up this gem at the strategy table, Denis Coderre? Yikes.



Dennis (Second Thoughts) said...

Well, it depends on if the Tories table the GST cut, and whether or not it passes.

If it's in the budget, and the government falls on that budget, then there will have been not GST cut, and so no tax cut to reverse, right?

I suppose Dion only gets himself into trouble if a GST cut passes in the next budget.

However, it looks like all sides are expecting an election soon, so....

le politico said...

Canadians don't understand that something will only happen if it is in the budget.

All they know right now is, Stephen Harper will cut the GST to 5%, and Stephane Dion won't.


john said...

Canadians are not entirely stupid. Budgets aside, Stephen Harper talks about lowering taxes and Stephane Dion talks about raising taxes.

In the last election, we were told that we would waste tax credits on beer and popcorn. The next election, new "green" taxes will only cost us a large pizza every week.

Arrogant staffer monkeys.