Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bob Rae wins!

If the election were to wrap up today, and the Liberals had to pick a new would be Bob Rae in a landslide.

He's dynamite on the stump.

You might think that would be good news for the Liberals, but unfortunately, Stephane Dion is their leader for this election.

Looking forward to Ignatieff's shot at making Dion look weak.



Anonymous said...

Dynamite on the stump and radioactive in Ontario.

You destroy an economy once and people never forget.

Just think, "Rae Days" all cross Canada.

wilson said...

Being Albertan, I don't know the Rae Days story, NEP, I know too much about.

So we have the Libs raising taxes and spending billions on new programs.
Is that what Rae did in Ontario when he was a Dipper?
What are the Libs proposing now that is similar to the Dipper plan that ruined the Ontario economy?

le politico said...

I was in Ontario during Rae days..and yes, times were tough.

But he's slick. He's got charisma, and his beliefs align closely with the majority of the Liberal left.

He'll likely be the next Liberal leader, on the strength of his personality.

Anonymous said...

Bobby should become the next lib leader. Then conservatives can ask about his hidden agenda. (real conservative)

MrEd said...

Harper summed up what Rae did to Ontario and what his ideas would do to all of Canada... he took a stalled economy and drove it into the deepest recession/depression it's seen since the 1930's... single handedly destroying Ontario's economy in 4 years with his spending and mismanagement of gov't.

BC had the 500 million on the "fast ferry's" the No Damn Plan party though we should build... they were still in bubble wrap last I checked because the guy that bought them from the gov't for 30 million can't get the permits to complete the special refueling docks... Didi I mention the plans neglected to use wiring that could handle the current required to start the engines or run the kitchens...

oh ya...the reason they never launched them was they carried fewer cars and when they ran them on the first trial runs they discovered if they ran them full speed they could only cut 15 minutes off the victoria run while creating a 20ft wake that distroyed the coastline and houses along the coast... here was the next great plan...

That's what a Bob Rae gov't would bring to Canadians

nbt said...

He's definitely a fighter much like Clinton was when attacked by his opponents.