Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain wants to delay the debate, Obama doesn't. Easy solution.

If McCain isn't available for the first US presidential contender debate because he is trying to move a financial package aimed at saving the US economy through Congress and the Senate (aka showing leadership, some might say) then Sarah Palin should debate Obama.

After all, replacing the commander in chief should he/she not be available for whatever reason, isn't that the role of the VP?

Regardless, shrewd move by McCain. Not to mention the right move for the good of their country..they need to focus.



Anonymous said...

Very interesting thought, she is after all "a heartbeat from the presidency", she has also been accused of being a lightweight with no experience by Barack Obama. I think Obama has been snookered yet again by McCain, if he insists on the debate, O K Sarah Palin steps forward, Obama runs away, he looks like a "girly man" he dosen't run she "field dresses" him "on camera".Really it is a lose, lose situation. I think Sarah Palin will be on him "like Oprah on a baked ham"
Cheers Bubba

Anonymous said...

Barry O! is a Senator too, isn't he? Why isn't he working towards a solution to the crisis like his fellow Senator, John McCain? Even if yet again he only votes 'present', at least he would be pretending to be useful.

This, I think, points to a fundamental difference between the two. Barak wants to wait 40 or so days, until he (he hopes) has lots of power, (although by then it will probably be too late,) John is willing to put aside partisanship and confront the problem NOW.