Friday, September 26, 2008

How is the Liberal campaign going? Watch this video.

The Liberal Party is unravelling. They can't even maintain control of their own press conferences. If you can't handle the whole two minutes, skip to 1:45.

At least a Liberal supporter showed enough leadership save Dion from the media.

Liberal supporter: This meeting is being hijacked by people.

Media person: It's a press conference!?

Liberal supporter: Oh, is it? Thank you very much..the people here..

Liberal Dion handler: Another question from the media please..

Anarchy ensues.

The Liberals should make that guy the new leader!

LOL. This Liberal uses the same video above, to show what a GOOD job Dion is doing. And that he is, "the sort of leader we need in Canada."

No thanks!



Babylonian777 said...

lol, that was one ghetto "conference". My stoamch churned watching that. Even his movements are un-leader like.

Anonymous said...

Man, even I am feeling sorry for him now and I am a CPC member. Cue the fat lady.

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear . . . that's dreadful.

nbt said...

LOL! Now that's comical! So much for my Dion teleprompter theory. ;)