Monday, September 22, 2008

Would you like a carbon tax with that?

"(The Green Party) budget doesn't balance unless we massively increase our carbon emissions," points out Aldyen Donnelly, who's president of the Greenhouse Emissions Management Consortium. She also faults Ms. May on the facts. Every European country that introduced carbon taxes - including Germany, Sweden and Denmark - has suffered heavy losses of manufacturing jobs. As for Germany's green jobs, they're all subsidized by the government. "Carbon taxes have proven to be an economic death spiral," Ms. Donnelly says.

Good article by Margaret Wente on Green Party leader Elizabeth May, and Carbon taxes like the Greens and Liberals are proposing.

I always wondered how the European countries that adopted Carbon taxes had done.

Now that I know..yikes!



Anonymous said...

Yikes indeed.

Anonymous said...

The over-zealous application of the green initiatives is wiping out the industrial base in western Europe. In Britain they are so fed up that for the first time in history the Conservatives have risen above 50% in recent polls.
In Germany, for the first time in decades, people are applying to emigrate to North America in droves. I work with a lady whose husband has come over on one of those 'skilled workers' temporary visas. Her husband is a truck driving instructor. There is no work for him in Germany as the trucking firms have moved in droves to the old eastern bloc countries who do not adhere to the green madness. The German electrical utilities have warned that they too will pull up stakes if they have any more green taxes inposed on them. At one time Germany was the envy of Europe. Now it is rapidly becoming a basket case.

nbt said...

They want food sufficiency on a regional basis, so I guess we will all have backyard vegetable gardens and never again eat pineapple or bananas. ... Instead of harnessing modernity and using our scientific know-how to find alternative fuel sources, the Greens want to take us back to life before electricity and the combustion engine."

May not harnessing modernity?? Taking us back to life before electricity and the combustion engine?? Interesting analogy by Wente considering May is campaigning via a whistle stop train tour. I think the last time that was done was Dief "the chief" in the 50s.

She more old school then

nbt said...

...Witch Martin, Frank Ricard and Bernard 'Beanie' Campbell. lol