Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The NDP is ruining its chances for a 2nd place finish

There is a sense in the air that Canadians are actually considering auditioning Jack Layton for the role of, if not PM, then leader of the opposition.

But, when you come out with stuff like this in your platform, you just scare everyone away.

* "Stop unproductive, untargeted and fiscally irresponsible corporate tax cuts."
* "Create a Jobs Commissioner to investigate shutdowns."
* "Develop sector-based industrial strategies."
* "Stop the export of Canadian jobs overseas through new, manufacturing-friendly trade policies while adopting a Made-in-Canada procurement policy for the federal government and its agencies."

The New...Democrats, need to keep everything simple and have a few select, easy to grasp, and easy to price, ideas if they want to have any hope of replacing the Liberals as Canada's premiere left-wing party.

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nbt said...

Sounds like Nationalist policies right from the book of Mel Hertig.