Monday, September 8, 2008

Dion vs. May - Bring on the debate

The broadcast consortium has decided that because three of the four parties did not want the Green Party in the televised debates, they could not participate. The Liberals were the only party in favour of the Greens participating.

Does Dion not recognize that most Green Party supporters are one time Liberal Party supporters? Why does Dion insist on giving them preferential treatment, when all they are doing is stealing votes from him?

Dion needs to start distancing himself from May, his deal is starting to come back to haunt him.

Or, if Dion wants to continue to have his votes drift away, and he wants Elizabeth May in the debates so bad, why doesn't he just debate her himself? I'm sure all the networks would cover it.

Because she would steal thousand and thousands of votes, at almost $2.00 each, from the Liberal Party. The Liberals literally can't afford any more financial seepage, they need to try to get those voters back. A new Green vote is likely a lost Liberal vote. Agreeing to allow the Greens into the debate, while fruitless, was a misguided decision.



kursk said...

Dizzy Lizzy is a nutter..i would have liked to have seen her if only to watch in real time the train wreck that would unfold on national television..

Anonymous said...

Much as I dispise the Liberal party I would not want an inernational socialist movement represenative like May in our Parliament.
The Green party is not a party of Canada but a UN stealth party for global socialism.
Just like she was Maurice Strong's puppet as sierra club president, the seirra club gets special monies from the UN to spread the global warming lie, this was set up by Maurice Strong, Commie and Kyoto architech.