Monday, September 15, 2008

New Liberal Campaign Ad - Let's Get Started

The Liberals need a postive. Is this ad it?

I'm of the opinion that simple works, ads with too much talking and loud music don't.

I don't recall the Goldwater "Daisy" ad having a soundtrack, and that's the type of ad impact the Libs need right now.

This ad, while professionally done, is a bit too complicated; and does not focus enough on a single issue enough to be effective.



wilson said...

''making pollutors pay''

that's you and me,
we are the pollutors and Liberals want to punish us into paying a carbon tax,
so we will conserve energy.

That's what I don't get about the last 2 Liberal ads that came out.
The ads 'picture' refineries/oil related business as the pollutors,
but the picture doesn't match the deed.
We pay, not the oil companies.
We are taxed on use,
not the oil companies taxed on production.

Maybe Dion and Lizzy really do think Canadians are stupid.

Reid said...

This ad reminds me of the "safety" videos companies commission. Crappy production values. The NDP ad, while I disagree with the content, has some excellent production values. Looks like something Robert Rodriguez would make if he did political ads.

nbt said...

You're right, politico. Simplicity is the key and this ad hits it right on the nose. Unfortunately, their leader (when he addresses the press, crowds and panels, can't seem to make it that simple). It's all about communications and Dion just can't seem to dummy down his carbob tax message (let alone make it clear and precise for Canadians).

So in retrospect, this ad has raised the bar higher for Dion. One I think he'll never get over.

Anonymous said...

I was just watching Mike Duffy Live with Martin Goldfarb, legendary Liberal pollster, as a guest.

Besides suggesting that the campaign is a shambles and Dion can't sell the Green Shift, he also noted that the Green Shift represented "a whole new economy".

How much more radical can you get? A "whole new economy" at a time when global volatility is harming the Canadian economy. The Liberals will bring ruin to thousands of Canadian businesses.

JC Kelan

Babylonian777 said...

That sucked. Honestly, almost put me to sleep. The NDP ads make this look like childs play.

Ontario Girl said...

It went too fast...flattering picture of PMSH though. That was a surprise!!