Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Let's see a Harper vs. Dion, True Leaders Debate

Let Elizabeth May and the Green Party into the leader's debate. Hell, why don't we let the Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada, the Canadian Action Party, the Christian Heritage Party of Canada, the Communist Party of Canada, the First Peoples National Party of Canada, the Libertarian Party of Canada, the Marijuana Party, the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada,, the Progressive Canadian Party, and the Western Block Party into the debates as well.

But there should also be a new debate. A True Leader's Debate between the only two indviduals that have a realistic shot of actually leading the country after this election.

Let's have a debate between Harper, and Dion, about where they would lead the country. The other debate is becoming a joke, a crowded joke. Canada needs a True Leaders Debate.



Matt said...

There should be a threshold of support in one election that, when crossed, allows the party to compete in the debates next election. This would require a party to build up a strong network of grassroots supporters to show that it is viable before putting it on the stage.

There should also be a debate between the government and the official opposition in addition to the other debate.

Anonymous said...

I live in Toronto and have seen how our American Mayor has started to drive my City into bankruptcy , I really don't want another American like Lizzy May getting near the tax-payers vault.

These two American's can join Judy Rebick to make the 3-Amigo's from the USA who failed at life and then moved to Canada to pull their scams on us .

Xereos said...

Matt --

I think that they already have something like that in place for determination of obtaining federal funding support after an election. That seems like a good litmus test for entering the debates.

Archie said...

One problem with this post. The Liberals would have to have a leader to debate with and we all know Dion is not a leader.

AngryshadeofBlue said...

Now that Harper has made such a blatant flip flop, the question will be ,
Is there a leader in the debate?

Bloody Wimp! backing down from a Berkenstock wearing Hippie Chick

canpolnex said...

I agree with angryshadeofblue-Harper's stance is "the NDP have agreed so I will too" what kind of leadership is that?

le politico said...

Another left wing voice in the debates will only further split the left wing vote.

I'd call it pretty smart leadership..actually.

Babylonian777 said...

I recall Harper saying that her being the debate wouldn't hurt him, it would only split the left. He said this in the begining of the campaign. It's not a "flip flop", his influence for who can or can't debate isn't a thing of national policy. lol......."flip flop", that term is loosing meaning fast.

She will run the biggest fillibuster (run the clock), and it will be interesting watching the mild mannered Steve Pakin loose his cool with her.

Harper is smart like a fox. I am sure he will ask questions of Ms. May regarding Dion, and ask Dion about Ms. May, lol, getting them to clash indirectly, or make havoc of their unholy alliance somehow.

le politico said...

She will run the biggest fillibuster (run the clock)

I have seen Ms. May in numerous debate-type situations, usually with people that actually agree with her to some extent, and she has always (with the exception of one time when she had the flu) been a constantly interrupting, arrogant, know-it-all.

Though, her people (do the Greens have "people"?) likely know her reputation, and will try to dampen her antics.

Babylonian777 said...

"Though, her people (do the Greens have "people"?) likely know her reputation, and will try to dampen her antics."

le politico, I think they have started to do that. I watched her on Duffy (the one without Kinsella, someone please link the one with Kinsella and May, I have yet to see that one), and I noticed she was a bit more calm and collected, and managed to lower her voice about 10 decibels, and would come up for air more frequently. I just think she will go in swinging and kicking at Harper during the debate, that's why I am hoping he can get the other lefties confused and bickering among themselves. She knows the the very exsistance of the Liberal party of Toronto is at stake here, and I am sure her and Dion are keeping comminiques.

pyper said...
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nbt said...

As per your wish . Loser: Shawn Graham lol