Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Liberal plane, pooping puffin..that's the best the media can do? Weak.

What is with the Canadian media when a pooping puffin trumps stories about Harper's 50% cut in the fuel excise tax, Dion's claim to double the Conservative $1200 child care credit, and George Bush's pledge to surge troop strength in Afghanistan?

Instead we get exhaustive coverage of the pooping puffin (which drove thousands more eyeballs to than normally would have visited, although that part of the story was not covered by the media), and Harper saying that if he had to describe himself as a vegetable, he'd prefer to be a fruit, sweet and colourful.

Yeesh. The major media frenzies so far have been about the Liberal campaign plane not being ready, and the puffin. The Conservatives can blame an overeager web designer for the pooping puffin, but the nation's newsrooms have no one to blame but themselves for the thus far pathetic coverage of election 2008.

Thank God for the unfiltered goodness that is CPAC.


I believe the puffin issue is


Anonymous said...

When Elizabeth May announced she would be running against Peter McKay - I was there - she had dion by her side and she wholly stated that someone like dion should be the next Pm of Canada. If Harper had a candidate that supported him the way she supported dion - and Harper wanted her in the debate - the liberal media would be showing this clip, morning, noon and night. However, because she is supporting their favourite son, dion - it is hidden in their files. Is there anyway we can show the clip?... I think if Canadians saw the way she spoke at her nomination everyone could see that she was supporting dion and only dion. She was in his back pocket... Let's expose the liberal media for what they are... hiding the facts from Canadians just to promote their liberal agenda...It is all over the US media now - two very well-known media reporters have been canned. They were giving nothing but positve coverage to Obama - and heads are starting to roll. It is time we exposed this media for what they are!

Alberta Girl said...

And now Lizzie gets to be in the debates - god help us all!!! Shows you what whining and playing the poor me victim gets you.