Sunday, September 7, 2008

Unsolicited Advice: Make sure your campaign plane is ready to go on election call-day

Media is reporting that the Liberal Party was caught unaware by the Conservative's surprise election call. After a quick search for a jet resource, the party has now leased a thirty year old Boeing, from Inuit Airlines.

They also report that the plane won't be ready to fly by Sunday, the day of the election call. It won't be ready until the middle of the week.

Daniel Lauzon, a spokesman for the Liberal Party, confirmed that its jet, rented from Montreal-based Air Inuit, won’t be ready until Wednesday. Mr. Dion will meanwhile travel with journalists by bus to campaign events in central Ontario and Quebec.
Unacceptable. You need to have your plane on the tarmac, and jet off somewhere on the first day of a campaign. Why?

Both Harper and Layton went from Quebec to the Both parties will have fresh footage of local rallies in Vancouver and Calgary for nightly local news election coverage out west. By that time, Dion's dated Ottawa presser will be a foot-note.

Knowing their media brethren are jetting across Canada on a daily basis, in a modern jet with seat-back entertainment friendly do you think the Liberal bus-ensconced media feel?

People are starting to think of the Liberals as broke and unorganized..why start an election with a move that will reinforce that?

The plane had to be ready, if not for anything other than optics..evidenced from the current, less than flattering, media coverage. election call time..always have a plane ready, and take your leader from coast to coast on the first day.


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Joe said...

So they dragged the old girl out of mothballs, now need to do a Certificate of Airworthiness and then the Libs will be airborn. I only hope that the well known civil servant "protect all things liberal" doesn't include transport Canada and that the ancient aircraft is deemed fit to fly or must stay on the ground until major work is complete. I would hate to see anyone get hurt or killed.

BTW did Inuit Airlines receive Indian and Northern Affairs money to buy the aircraft? I hope they realize that they probably won't be paid for the use of the jet anymore than the Carbon Offset Company will get paid for the Carbon Offsets Dion promised. Something about blood from a stone I think?