Sunday, September 21, 2008

New commercial featuring Stephane Dion is a laugh riot

I laughed out loud at this commercial. If this is the best that can be done to showcase Stephane Dion, then maybe the Liberals want to have a leadership convention..right now!

I LOVE the Dion fist pump at the end! I always thought it would be used in an ad, but I thought the ad would be from the Conservatives or NDP, ROTFLMAO.

Update: Ok, it's not just me...

The ad uses footage of Mr. Dion chairing a discussion of the Kyoto accord at a 2005 United Nations summit meeting on the environment. He is seen chastising a recalcitrant delegate who is neither seen nor named. He pulls off his headset and delivers his big line: "You should ... (pause, shrug) express your case to the world, please." Cut to Mr. Dion hoisting his fists in the air to celebrate victory. Huh? Ottawa Citizen


wilson said...

Oh yah, the enviro plan Iggy and Dryden said
'Stephane, we didn't get it done!!!'

Anonymous said...

The "fist pump" I love the "fist pump" when Dion lifts his skinny little arms and does the "fist pump" He looks as feeble as his "green shift" which was the Liberano platform before it wasen't "it will be good for you" kinda sounds like a "pick up" line in a "fort mac" bar. Liberanos looking like roadkill eyes on 'em like a horse running from a burning barn.
Cheers Bubba

Reid said...

Back when Dion was fresh off his leadership win and the Conservatives started the "Not a Leader" campaign I recall a very crude version of this very same add being posted on Cherniak's website. It wouldn't surprise me if the concept was Cherniak's as it's pathetically bad.

So Dion getting the world to agree to hold another meeting is a sign of leadership? Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever notice that whenever Dion says something he thinks is smart or funny that he nods his head in agreement with himself and looks around the room.

djxtreme said...

And what's with the title underneath him? "President"? Of what? Is he supposed to be the "President" of Canada now?

Babylonian777 said...

This is really pathetic...............I mean, especially the portion where he is confronting country "X"...........he just speak sooooooo slllllllllllllooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwlllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy.


Anonymous said...

Ever get the feeling that Rae and Iggy have given up on this election and are trying to deep-six Dion? (real conservative)

Erin Sikora said...

Not just a fist pump, but a double fist pump. Beautiful.

But I love how he gets tough and removes the headset. That's the new Liberal Leadership.

nbt said...

I think it's time conservative strategist Tim Powers got back at Warren Kinsella for his election 2000 "Barney the Dinosaur" antics on Canada Am.

This time the Dinosaur (and Barney) could represent Stephane Dion's environmental achievements on the global stage. He did win an award after all.

Raging Ranter said...

Le Politico, if you are blocking Dion's attempt to connect with the electorate... (Ranter removes headset and stares down his computer screen)... I think you should state your case... to the world.

This is the funniest goddam ad I've ever seen! Who knew the Liberals had a sense of humour?

And are they seriously running on their Kyoto record? Didn't this blow up in Dithers' face in the last election, when he chastised the US at Kyoto talks in Montreal, only to have it pointed out that our emissions were increasing far faster than theirs?

le politico said...

Ranter, I guess the Liberals consider having someone chair a meeting about nothing, with no subsequent results, leadership!

Dion achieved the same results on Kyoto implementation, at least he's consistent.